Katrin Bernhardt

Katrin Bernhardt

Katrin Bernhardt is a visual artist and writer, based in Bad Fischau-Brunn / Austria. She studied Classical Archaeology and Philosophy with a focus on Gender Studies at the University of Vienna, was awarded a scholarship by the Austrian Academy of Sciences, and received her doctorate in 2013.

She publishes poetry and prose in Austrian publishing houses as well as in anthologies, literary magazines, on the internet, and on the radio.
As a visual artist, she uses various media to reinterpret and translate prehistoric rites into the present and discusses womanhood, including physicality and role ascriptions.
Until 2013 she was the founding member, singer, and lyricist for the metal band Xenesthis.

Katrin Bernhardt is a member of PEN-Club Austria, the Austrian Writers‘ Association, and the IG Bildende Kunst.

She has received several awards and grants for her artistic work.


Performances, experimental arrangements, and installations on the themes of ritual, death, and gender
Painting in mixed media and acrylic techniques as well as with menstrual blood on canvas, linen, and paper


2024 Artist Mobility, federal state of Burgenland
2023 Funding for „Anhydros“, INDUSTRIE/4-festival 2024
2022 Working grant for illustration, picture book „Dori Dachs ist heute faul“, BMKOES
2022 Award for Fine Arts 2022, federal state of Burgenland, shortlist
2022 Compass Festival, Leeds / UK, shortlist
2021 Funding for the interactive experimental arrangement „Das letzte Hemd hat viele Taschen“, Viertelfestival NÖ 2022


11/2024 Das letzte Hemd hat viele Taschen, Schloss Fischau, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A (solo)
06/2024 Anhydros, installation, exhibition, and reading in public space, Brunn / A (solo)
05/2024 Verstecktes Herz – Eine Hauptplatz-Reanimation, INDUSTRIE/4-Festival, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A
04/2024 Sacrilege, POP-up Gallery, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A (solo)
2024 4th International Art Exposition, ISHII Gallery, Varanasi / IND
2023 Lower Austria Open Studio Days, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A (solo)
2023 Archive of Oblivion, eu-art-network, exhibition hall Neues Rathaus, Bayreuth / D
2023 Archive of Oblivion, eu-art-network, „Small is beautiful“, Galerie im Seehof, Freistadt Rust /A
2023 Naos, Heizhaus, thermal baths, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A (solo)
2022 Award for Fine Arts 2022, Cultural Centre Mattersburg / A
2022 Lower Austrian Open Studio Days, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A (solo)
2022 Das letzte Hemd hat viele Taschen, Brick Museum Ziersdorf /A (solo)
2022 Open Studio, Domus Artium, Paliano / IT
2022 Finde die Frau, Ordination Dr. Winhofer-Stöckl, Mattersburg / A (solo)
2022 Lockdown, FORUM Bad Fischau-Brunn, Schloss Fischau, Bad Fischau-Brunn / A
2022 Das letzte Hemd hat viele Taschen, Schloss Jedenspeigen / A (solo)
2012 Kunstspinne, NN-fabrik, Oslip / A
2010 schik IV – Family, schikaneder, Vienna / A


03/2024 International Art Symposium, Ram Chhatpar Shilp Nyas India, Varanasi / IND
2023 eu-art-network, 23rd International Art Symposium, Freistadt Rust / A


Kulturvernetzung NÖ, IG Bildende Kunst, Bildrecht



2023 Working grant for literature, federal state of Burgenland
2023 Writer in Residence, Casa Litterarum, Austrian Society for Literature (planned for 2025)
2022 Artist in Residence, Domus Artium, Paliano / Italy, federal state of Burgenland
2005 FM4 Wortlaut, longlist (top 3 %), Pseudonym Sarah Sinreich
2000 Youth Culture Prize, federal state of Burgenland
1998 Prize for Literature and Journalism, Theodor Kery-Burgenland Foundation
1997 Prize of the Youth Literature Competition, federal state of Burgenland



„Fremdwerden“, poetry, edition lex liszt 12, autumn 2024.
„Dori Dachs is heute faul“ („Dori Dachs is lazy today“), picture book, Innsalz, 2024.
„Aufbrechen“, poetry, edition lex liszt 12, 2020.
„Auf bittere Haut geschrieben“ („Written on bitter skin“), poetry, edition lex liszt 12, 2013.
„Die Gesichtslosen“ („The Faceless“), short stories, Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, 2000.
„Fluchtplan lebt nicht mehr“, poetry, Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, 1998.
„Fallen ohne Aufprall“ („Falling without impact“), poetry, self-published, 1995.

in anthologies, magazines, on the radio, and the internet (selection)

Acrostic Give peace a Chance „Granatwerfer am Morgen“,, 2023., several poems, 2020-2023.
Journal of the Austrian Writers‘ Association, 2022, pp. 12-18. and literaturhausnö.at, campaign „Stimmen gegen den Krieg“, 2022.
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Journal of the Austrian Writers‘ Association, 2021, pp. 118-119.
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Literaturhaus Mattersburg (Hrsg.), „Schriftbilder. Portraits und Texte aus dem Burgenland, Verlag Bibliothek der Provinz, 2000.


2023 eu-art-network, 23rd International Art Symposium, Freistadt Rust


2001 Song composition „Wenn ich einmal …“ by Bernhard Macheiner based on a poem from the poetry collection „Fluchtplan lebt nicht mehr“.


PEN-Club Austria, Austrian Writers‘ Association, IG Autorinnen Autoren, Literar-Mechana


2004-2013 Founding member, singer, and lyricist of the metal band Xenesthis

Festival appearances and concerts in Austria (including the main stage of the Nova Rock Festival 2009), Germany, Slovenia and Italy

Numerous support shows for international acts, including Slayer, Slipknot, Trivium, Amon Amarth, Mastodon, Lacuna Coil, Disturbed, As I Lay Dying, Sonic Syndicate, Deathstars, Neaera, Ektomorf, Caliban, As We Fight, Do Or Die, Cataract, Sworn Enemy, J.B.O., Die Apokalytischen Reiter, Pain

Reviews and interviews in national and international print and online magazines

Music video „Reflections“ with over 286,000 views on YouTube


2011 “Thou shalt not”, LP, Come Clean Records
2010 “Chaos”, EP
2007 “Sick of pitch-black”, LP, noiseheadrecords
2006 “Shades”, EP
2006 “Straight to Infinity”, EP
2005 “Immanis”, EP